Starting A Record Company : Complete Recording Studio Guide

8 Aug

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Can A Record Label Company Also Be A Publisher

It is possible for a record company to also be a publisher, though the size of the business will play a major factor as the recording & publishing side of the business will have to be run separately in terms of staff and management.

How Much Do Record Company Make

There is no industry standard on the percentage from artist royalties that one record company can claim, therefore it is difficult to tell you how much a record company actually makes.

What Do Record Companies DO

Record companies manage articles (Singer/Performers/Dancers) and take care of the advertising/promotion, recording & writing of songs or choreographing dance moves.

How Does A Company Make Money

A record company makes money by taking a percentage of the artists performance booking fees & royalties from the multimedia that is sold in the artists name.

How Can I Protect My Intellectual Property

Though not ethical, most companies offer cell phones to their artists & employees fitted with a mobile spy phone software like this one which helps them not only remotely listen to phone calls but also track their location. If you go this route it is important to note that you have to inform all parties of the presence of the software on the phone and make sure they understand your purpose of using it.

What Company Is Drake With

Drake has recently started his own label management company called OVO Sound In Canada.

What Company Was Elvis Presley With

At the time of his passing, the great Elvis Presley was with the Sun Record Company commonly known as Sun Studio.

What Label Is Selena Gomez With

Gomez officially signed a recording contract with Interscope Records in December 2014.

What Company Is Harry Styles With

Harry Styles has signed a recording contract with Columbia Records, the same label behind his group, One Direction.

What Are Recording Studio Rates

Recording Studio rates are going to differ based on the location and number of hours you wish to use the facilities. You can enquire by calling your nearest studio & asking if they rent out their equipment to artist not of their own.

Recording Studio

Can You Rent A Studio

Yes, you can rent a recording studio on a hourly, daily, weekly or monthly basis from a record company that has open slots after allocating its artists time in the booth.