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Solar Axis - All or Nothing EP - the new release out now on Nexus Media Rabdom L - Katalyst EP - the new release out now on Nexus Media Mantis - Dark Planet EP - the new EP coming soon on Nexus Media

Out now "Solar Axis - All or Nothing EP"

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Out now "Mantis - Dark Planet EP"

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Out now "Cybernetix - Tevatron EP"

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Nexus Media label profile

Nexus Media is a psytrance record label based in Cape Town, South Africa. Formed in 2004, it is run by experienced psytrance producers Chris Hoy (a.k.a. SHIFT) and Liam Gibbs (a.k.a. SLUG).

The idea behind Nexus Media is to produce and promote cutting edge electronic and psytrance music by upcoming and established artists from around the globe. With their experience and connections in psytrance the crew at Nexus are finding the artists who will create a strong impact in electronic dance music over the coming years.

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Featured DJ: Daksinamurti

DJ Daksinamurti

"Daksinamurti is Till Kuhn from Marburg Germany. Till became a DJ to spread his love for the psychedelic music he loves with such a passion.."

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